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Crawler Cranes Specifications

Below is a list of new and used Crawler Cranes that we currently have in stock. To view the specifications for each crawler crane, click the PDF icon opposite the product. For any specific enquiries please use our crawler cranes contact form or call +44(0) 114 235 0103 to speak to our sales team.

American Hoist 11250 Crawler Crane c/w Skyhorse
Year: 1974
Specifications: 300 US Tons Capacity Crawler Crane Cummins Diesel Engine 220ft 94H Main Boom , 120ft Mast, 70ft Jib Electronic Safe Load Indicator Hookblock to suit Full Camera system The crane was fully overhauled in 1994 with all genuine American parts

Sumitomo SC1000-2S Hydraulic Crawler Crane
Year: 1996
Specifications: 100ton Capacity fully hydraulic crawler crane 57.9m Main boom + rooster

IHI CCH1000 Hydraulic Crawler Crane
Year: 1995
Specifications: 100ton Capacity fully hydraulic crawler crane This crane has the additional ballast which gives the crane 120ton equivalent duties (The second load chart on page 6 of the brochure) 1995 51m Main boom 19m Fly Jib Loadwise 502 Electronic Safe load indicator Hookblock to suit

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX700 Crawler Crane
Year: 2005
Specifications: 70 Ton Fully Hydraulic Crawler Crane 2005 54m Main Boom (Base, Head, 1x3m, 1x6m, 4 x9m) Rooster 18m Fly Jib Approx. 22,500 hours Wylie i3000 Electronic Safe Load Instrumentation Excavator Type Undercarriage

Hitachi CX700 Crawler Crane
Year: 1997
Specifications: 70 Ton Fully Hydraulic Crawler Crane 42m Main Boom 12m Fly Jib Approx. 14995 hours

Sumitomo SC650-2 Crawler Crane
Year: 1998
Specifications: 65ton Capacity fully hydraulic crawler crane 1998 40m Main boom Single sheave hookblock

Manitowoc M50W Crawler Crane
Year: 1994
Specifications: 50 Ton Hydraulic Crawler Crane c/w x-spander 1994 Approx. 9190 hours Cummins Diesel Engine 45m Main Boom 18m Fly Jib PAT DS350 Electronic Safe Load Indicator

Manitowoc M50W Crawler Crane
Year: 1989
Specifications: 2 Units available, 50ton capacity hydraulic crawler crane 45m Main boom + 18m fly jib Cummins diesel engine, Approx 3000 & 6000 Hours Wylie WW225 Electronic SLI Alexia wind speed monitor

Kobelco BM500 Crawler Crane
Year: 1998
Specifications: 55 Ton Capacity Fully Hydraulic Crawler Crane 1998 36.6m (120ft) Main Boom c/w rooster sheave Mitsubishi 6D16-TE1 Diesel Engine Approx. 9,526 hours Kobelco LSD-800D Safe Load Indicator Windspeed monitor 1 x Hookblock CE Marked Full Certification Very Good Condition

NCK 1405B Crawler Crane
Year: 1971
Specifications: 70 Ton Capacity crawler crane Suitable for crane work and grabbing duties 21.0m (70ft) Main Boom - Angle boom & bolted Cummins NT855 diesel engine c/w Torque Converter Power Load Lowering on Main Boom only Wylie Load Indicator

NCK 1405C Crawler Crane
Year: 1977
Specifications: 80ton Capacity crawler crane 70ft Main boom Dorman 8JT Engine Clark torque converter Long & Wide undercarriage - 42" Track pads

NCK Ajax C60 Crawler Crane
Year: 1976
Specifications: 60 Ton Capacity Crawler Crane Air Controls Powered by Dorman 6LE Diesel Engine - c/w Twin Disc Torque Converter 36.0m (120ft) Main Boom - 4 sheaves @ jib head Power load lowering on main drum only

NCK 605-2B Crawler Crane
Year: 1980
Specifications: 42 Ton Capacity Crawler Crane Dorman 6LEN Diesel Engine 80ft (24m) Main Boom with 4 sheaves at the jibhead Power Load Lowering Wylie Safe Load Indicator Long & Wide Undercarriage

38RB Series II Heavy Duty Crawler Crane
Year: Fully Re-built 1999
Specifications: Fully rebuilt in 1989 60ft Main Boom Cummins NT855 Diesel Engine Clark Torque Converter Fairlead Forward Mast 12 Part Derricking Knee Type Boom Back Stops - currently removed for painting Heavy Duty Counterweight Long & Wide Undercarriage 33" Track Pads

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Muller MS-16 HFV Hydraulic Vibrator and Muller MS-A360V Power Pack
Muller MS-16 HFV Hydraulic Vibrator : Make/Model: Muller MS16HFV Crane Suspended High Frequency Vibrator Serial No: 8550-1996 Year: 2000 Clamp: Single Total Weight: 3680 kgs Muller MS-A360V Power Pack : Make/Model: Muller MS-A360V Serial No: 8550-1920 Year: 2000 Weight: 5050 kgs Hours: 1781 Engine: Cat-3406B Serial No: 3ER04221 (A/N 130-4571)

BSP SL20 Hydraulic Hammer
Crane Suspended BSP HH1.5 Hydraulic Hammer 1999 BSP powerpack fitted with Deutz F4L913 Engine Approx. 2568hrs.

ICE 1423C Hydraulic Vibrator and ICE 330 PowerPack
ICE 1423C Hydraulic Vibrator : Crane Suspended High Frequency Hydraulic Vibrator Eccentric Moment: 14kgm Max. Centrifugal Force: 810kN Total Weight: 3240 kgs Single Grip 30m Hoses Wander Lead Machine Fully Checked and Serviced ICE 330 PowerPack : 1999 CAT 3306DITA Diesel Engine Approx. 485 hours Hydraulic manifold has dual flow system and Forward and Reverse switches on the Pendent and Control Panel